A cooperative survival game in the clouds

Will you weather the storm?

Multiplayer in the sky

Aloft is a 1 to 8 players,  relaxing and atmospheric survival game. Use your skills and partner up with your friends to stake your claim in a gorgeous world composed of flying islands.

atmospheric soft survival

Relaxing, pressure-free and inclusive, Aloft puts a fresh and positive spin on the survival genre. Stuck on floating islands around a titanic hurricane, you must learn to survive on limited resources and wind punk technologies.

Upgrade and build your base
on a floating island

Build your base and sail the winds to discover new islands and find new resources, technologies, and equipment upgrades, while fighting back fungi corruption.
Learn more about your origins as you uncover secrets from the ruins of a civilization long gone, and find the answers to their demise by reaching the highest altitudes and braving the challenges of the hurricane.

Key Features

Island hopping

Use and upgrade your glider to fly freely from island to island. Explore and find new resources, technologies and solve mysteries.


Craft buildings to protect you from the harsh winds and connect islands together. Catch water from the clouds and grow food on your little patch of land. 



Transform your floating rock into a flying ship! You have full freedom on the shape and size of your sails. Then use them to navigate around the map, navigating the wind currents and jet streams to move faster.


8-players Co-op multiplayer

Jump into an adventure with up to 7 other friends, and conquer the skies together. Chain off attacks while fighting as a group, take on a meaningful role in your day-to-day activities, and help your team sail and find new discoveries while exploring.

the map is a live hurricane

The giant hurricane in the middle of the map hides the answers to your past and future in its eye. Rock fragments, lightning strikes, toxic spores and freezing temperatures make the journey through it difficult. If that was not enough, the bellows of ancients leviathans can be heard through the storm.


Dangerous and colorful mushrooms grow on some corrupted islands. Learn how to develop treatments for the various forms of the fungi, and heal the ecosystem. Get access to new animal companions, livestock, crops, and resources.

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